The ReFORCE Guarantee

Significant features and benefits

  • This policy provides for the repair of hidden defects in the design, workmanship or materials used in the underpinning system that become apparent after the date of practical completion and that are notified to Insurers before the expiry date shown in the Certificate of Insurance.
  • The period of cover is 12 years from the date of practical completion of the underpinning works.
  • Major Defects Period – From 2 years after completion and for the balance of the period of cover, the policy covers defects in the underpinning works as a result of defective design, workmanship, materials or components.
  • The limit of indemnity under both Sections 3.1 and/or 3.2 that the Insurer will pay for any one claim and in total for the duration of the policy will be the contract value of the underpinning works as stated in the Certificate of Insurance.
  • In addition the policy provides for up to 25% of the limit of indemnity for the cost of repairing damage to other parts of the Insured property caused by a defect in the underpinning works and an aggregate limit of £10,000 for alternative accommodation costs, professional fees and removal of debris.
  • The claims inspection fee and the limit of indemnity will be increased each year by a 5% indexation factor. The limits of indemnity are not automatically reinstated following a claim but can be, subject to the Insurer’s agreement and payment of an additional premium. The policy is automatically transferable to subsequent owners of the insured premises.