ReFORCE Ground Anchoring

A permeation engineered high capacity ground anchor.

Using permeating engineering ReFORCE ground anchors provides high capacity, cost effective, low disturbance anchoring solutions for retaining walls in non-cohesive soils and fills.

The advantages of ReFORCE Ground Anchoring

ReFORCE ground anchoring and lance system
Ground anchoring and resin delivery tube
  • HIGH STRENGTH: ReFORCE Anchors are based on ReFORCE Pile technology and have very large anchorages formed from permeation grouted soil. The anchored length has an adhesive and mechanical bond to the anchor shaft. Very poor and loose soils tend to allow the formation of larger anchors, in addition the typical profile of the anchorage mass provides for very considerable friction.
  • RAPID INSTALLATION: Installation, similarly to the ReFORCE Piles is regularly carried out using small portable equipment. Small mechanical and hydraulic drivers mounted on machines also allow for deep and rapid installation.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE: The anchorage mass is formed from soil and exceptionally stable and resistant polyurethane resin. The shaft comprises plated steel of considerable thickness and air facing components are usually A316 Stainless Steel or highly ductile pattress plates.
  • ADAPTABLE: The ability to use small plant and equipment for the installation of very high capacity anchors allow them to be used in restricted spaces or where large driving equipment cannot be used.
  • TURNKEY SERVICE: ReFORCE Anchors are designed in house. Anchors can be custom made for a range of applications.