ReFORCE Soil Stabilisation

ReFORCE Soil Stabilisation (Chemical Grouting) utilises the ReFORCE Lances and is therefore a method of forming a continuous near watertight semi-structural barrier in non-cohesive soil.

Its primary function is for temporary works to allow the conventional construction of reinforced concrete underpins.

Our unique soil stabilisation system is typically used in difficult to access locations, therefore underpins can be created through running sands and gravels.

Soil Stabilisation and the advantages of ReFORCE

  • SOLVES A DIFFICULT PROBLEM: ReFORCE Pre-Treatment can be carried out using hand portable equipment and is adapted for low headroom applications and areas of difficult access. The ReFORCE Lance system enables accurate placement of geotechnical grouts in vertical wall like masses.
  • RELIABLE: The Pre-treatment methodology provides the means to create predictable masses within non-cohesive soils. This significantly reduces the need for difficult and costly remediation to be carried out and instead, control of minor water ingress becomes routine.
  • SUITABLE STRENGTH AND DENSITY: The pre-treated soil typically has strength of approximately 5N/mm², this is ideal for carving into to form the necessary profile for reinforced concrete underpins. The actual grouted mass is virtually waterproof.
  • PRACTICAL: ReFORCE Pre-Treatment is a proven system which can be applied to a very wide range of conditions. Installation is rapid and does not normally require special access arrangements, crainage, rigs or conveyors. Because the system is based strictly on a design procedure, some degree of cost predictability can be provided.

Soil stabilisation beneath a concrete slab

Soil stabilisation – extending underpinning

Our soil stabilisation system used to extend underpinning a house