GEO Systems overview

ReFORCE and Geo4ORCE Permeation Piling Systems have been developed to provide a reliable and cost effective method of solving subsidence issues.

ReFORCE and Geo4ORCE provide strengthening to the bearing soils beneath existing buildings in cases where the deposits have been affected by water flow or are of insufficient strength to support the present loads.

The systems are designed for the remediation market.

ReFORCE Permeation Piling comprises columns of solidified soil augmented by a structural steel tube (ReFORCE Lance) which is also used as the grout delivery system. They are installed through small apertures (40mm) drilled through the foundation to provide support directly under the part of the structure to be supported. Typically, a ReFORCE Pile is 500mm in diameter once cured and will have a capacity of between 100kN and 500kN.

* Pile capacities are calculated in accordance with accepted soil mechanics expressions.

The advantages of our permeation piling systems

  • The lance is a strong structural element in its own right.
  • Can be scaled and adapted for use in confined and cramped spaces.
  • Provide a high degree of control of grout placement.
  • Enables very large diameter piles to be formed using only a small access hole.
  • Pile can be centred close to the centre of gravity of a foundation.
  • More of the overlying foundation structure is supported.
  • Hand portable equipment can be used on most occasions, reducing the need for heavy drilling equipment.
  • Reduces damage to the existing property.
  • Substantially reduces impact and cost to the client.

Detailed infographic outlining the benefits of our engineered solutions of foundation strengtheningSee the statistics in detail

View our detailed infographic outlining the benefits of our engineered solutions for foundation strengthening. Includes stats about strength, sustainability and efficiency.

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