ReFORCE Jack Piling

The ReFORCE jack piling system uses the reaction capacity of ReFORCE Piles to provide the required uplift force. The structural ReFORCE Lances are installed at predetermined spacing and act as pin piles onto which the jack bears.

The jack body is bonded into the slab or foundation member and it is the application of force between the jack body and pile below which creates a lifting force, enabling the lifting of a slab.

Screw jacks are generally used as these provide a very high degree of control and accuracy.

The ReFORCE Jack Piling system

Three reasons to specify ReFORCE Pile Jacking

  • The loading of the footing or slab does not rely on a layer of expanded compressible foamed resin.
  • The footing or slab is mechanically lifted to high levels of accuracy and cannot be over-lifted.
  • The resultant void is filled with solid cementitious grout to give permanent high strength and non-elastic bearing.

The advantages of ReFORCE Jacks

Installation of ReFORCE jacks
GEO Innovations ReFORCE Jacks
The GEO Innovations ReFORCE jack system
  • HIGHLY ACCURATE: Using fail-safe screw jacks installed inside concrete members such as TC rafts, beams and reinforced concrete slabs, ReFORCE Jacks can lift and level to sub-millimetre accuracy.
  • HIGH CAPACITY: Using ReFORCE Pile’s structural core as the reaction force standard ReFORCE Jacks have a capacity exceeding 80kN.
  • ECONOMICAL: When lifting slabs a void is created equivalent to the degree of settlement. Where costly resin is used, this can add up to a considerable sum. With ReFORCE Jacks, the void can be filled with inexpensive lightweight fillers such as shrinkage compensated cementitious grout foam concrete or high strength, low density hydrophobic polyurethane.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: When compared against either the potential demolishing and re-building, or all other systems in the insured marketplace, ReFORCE Permeation Piling systems and are regarded as exceptionally cost effective and competitive.
  • RE-ACTIVATE ENABLED: ReFORCE Jacks lift against pin piles, these are set in firm ground with suitable end bearings. Should the intervening layer beneath the floor continue to compress, ReFORCE Jacks can be re-activated to re-level the floor at minimal cost.

The ReFORCE Jack insert

Reforce Jack pile insert

The ReFORCE Jack, micropile and delivery tube

ReFORCE Jack Piling, micropile and delivery tube